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HAIR The Musical Wed Jan 23rd - Sat Jan 26th 2013  

Toronto, Ontario
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The Papermill Theatre
67 Pottery Road
Toronto, Ontario

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Wednesday January 23rd @ 8:00pm  (more) 22.00 0.00 CAD 4 53155 22.00 0.00 Wednesday January 23rd @ 8:00pm N/A 1
Sale Ended
Thursday January 24th @ 8:00pm  (more) 22.00 0.00 CAD 4 53156 22.00 0.00 Thursday January 24th @ 8:00pm N/A 1
Sale Ended
Friday January 25th @ 8:00pm SOLD OUT!!!!!!  (more) 22.00 0.00 CAD 4 53157 22.00 0.00 Friday January 25th @ 8:00pm SOLD OUT!!!!!! N/A 1
Sale Ended
Saturday January 26th @ 2:30pm  (more) 22.00 0.00 CAD 4 53158 22.00 0.00 Saturday January 26th @ 2:30pm N/A 1
Sale Ended
Saturday January 26th @ 8:00pm  (more) 22.00 0.00 CAD 4 53159 22.00 0.00 Saturday January 26th @ 8:00pm N/A 1
Sale Ended
Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Event Details
HAIR The Musical tells the story of Vietnam-era youths awkwardly but exuberantly creating their own rite of passage through the confusion around them. Among them are Claude and Berger; a pair of friends battling against Claude's draft notice, and Sheila, who is in love with both of them, but her politically-active lifestyle leaves her little time to act on her feelings. Ultimately, Claude decides that the hippie life isn't for him and goes to Vietnam. With themes of alienation and civil disobedience Hair illustrates the '60s generation's search for meaning through various "be-ins," "love-ins" and protests. With loved songs "Hair" "Aquarius" "Let The Sunshine In" and more HAIR is a musical you will not want to miss!
Claude - Sam Moffatt
Berger - Colin Asuncion
Woof - Bruce Scavuzzo
Hud - Twaine Ward
Sheila - Rebecca Hergett
Jeanie - Tanya Filipopoulos
Crissy - Samantha Bielanski
Dionne - Astrid Atherly
Walter/Electric Blues Singer/Dad - Andrew Soutter
Ronny/Electric Blues Singer - Nicole Strawbridge
Steve/Electric Blues Singer - Phil Skala
Linda/Electric Blues Singer/Dance Captain - Jennifer Pullon
Mom/Tribe Member/Featured Singer - Michelle Nash
Margaret Mead/Tribe Member - Anesti Danelis
Hubert/Tribe Member - Tommy Vanderbaaren
Natalie/Naked Aquarian/Black Boys Trio - Sami Soloway
Tribe Member/Black Boys Trio - Gaby Grice
Tribe Member/Black Boys Trio - Alexandra Weintraub
Mary/1000 Year Old Monk - Andrea Schuett
Marjorie/Nun/Featured Singer - Noemi Parenteau-Comfort
Hiram/Nun - Carly Hall
Diane/Nun - Kristen Jacobson
Phil - Jaldaire Napier
Tribe Member/White Boys Trio - Khadijah Abdullah
Tribe Member/White Boys Trio - Jennah Foster-Catlack
Event Hosted By
First Act Productions is a Toronto based theatre company dedicated to producing high quality musical theatre.

First Act incorporates theatre students and graduates into every performance giving artists, directors, choreographers & technicians the opportunity to train, develop their skills, be mentored by other artists in the industry and most importantly giving them the chance to bring all their hard work and training to the stage.
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